GENKA Commercial S.A. counts 146 years of presence in the Greek market and is one of the leading importers of wine and spirits in Greece, representing exclusive famous brands from the best producers worldwide.

The beginning of its long history goes back to 1877, when Nicholas D. Karakostas left Karystos, his birthplace, and founded a food store in Markopoulo, Attica.

In 1882 the entrepreneur entered the wholesale market and his shop was moved to the center of Athens (Athena & Sofokleous), while in 1903 he acquired the building on 9 Kleisthenous Street, which belongs to the Karakostas family until today. In 1917, Nikolaos Karakostas died.

In 1925, the next generation founded a company for the import of high quality products. They imported, among others, the Japanese tuna "Geisha Nozaki", "Alpes" milk and whipped cream "Morfat", products that had many fans.

In 1938 the Karakostas family opens the first gourmet restaurant, named "CELLAR", on Kriezotou Street. In 1939 Kyriakos and George Karakostas created "CELLAR S.A.", a company that imported famous and admired alcoholic drinks.

In 1949, George Karakostas entered into a partnership with Friesland and became the exclusive importer of the famous milk NOUNOU in Greece until 1983, marking a tremendous commercial success.

In 1951 the company was renamed to GENKA, using the initials of the owner’s name, George Nicholas Karakostas.

In 1971 Pavlos Karakostas became the CEO of GENKA. He signed exclusive partnerships with international brands, such as Pampers, Courvoisier, Mumm Cordon Rouge, Sandeman, Canadian Club, Ballantines. In 2020 Pavlos Karakostas passed away.

In 2020 Alkmini Karakostas became the CEO of GENKA Commercial S.A.

The company represents exclusively in Greece high quality wine and beverages from famous domestic and international producers, such as Montofoli Estate, Baron Philippe de Rothschild, Torres, Antinori, Bollinger, Penfolds, Mondavi, Guigal and others.

Responsibility, efficiency and the provision of high quality services are core values that govern the partnerships of GENKA Commercial and determine its modern profile.